Meet Havoc


Havoc has a primary Sponsor

  • Year born – 2016
  • Sex – Male / neutered
  • Color – Silver
  • Weight – unkown

Health– Havoc was diagnosed with liver failure a couple years back so he is currently on liver meds. He takes them easily in peanut butter or in a chicken heart.


Distinguishing features – Havoc is a big guy! He has lost the tips of his teeth and therefore doesn’t puncture things well with his teeth.




Favorite Toy – Small stuffed squeak toys like the zippy paw toys(Available on our Amazon Wishlist)

Favorite snack – Havoc enjoys most food. Eggs being a big favorite as well as watermelon!

Favorite special snack – crunchy Peanut butter that he can lick from your fingers

Favorite raw – chicken breast chunks and chicken hearts

Havoc’s Roommate – Riot. They are bonded

Havoc gets along with – Riot, Franny, Winter, Eevee, Hansel & Gretel

Havoc enjoys run yard time with – Riot, Franny, Winter, Eevee, Hansel & Gretel. 



When we first got Havoc, I have to say I was a bit nervous around him! He’s a big guy!
My first attempt at petting the top of his head resulted in a full mouth bite but surprisingly, it didn’t hurt! The tips of Havocs teeth are missing so he did not puncture the skin. I believe he was telling me “I don’t know you yet!” He was cautious at first but slowly came around. He looks at me quite often with a questioning gaze as if looking for approval. We spent a lot of time together in the enclosure feeling each other out. Our trust grew and I have to say this big guy is one of the sweetest foxes you will meet! He doesn’t trust right at first with new people but once he does, he is your best friend. Havoc enjoys scratches all over except on his ticklish parts and hands off that luxurious tail! Havoc loves to be hand fed his morning and afternoon treats gazing into my eyes the whole time. He is the the first one to the enclosure door in the morning with his mouth open in a smile and tail wagging. Once our hellos are completed, he will watch me clean his enclosure keeping a close eye on what I intend to remove from his hiding places. Sometimes I have to stop and go back to pick something up when he isn’t looking!
In his past Havoc hiked the mountains with his former owner and enjoyed walking on a leash and riding in the car. We hope to get him out again real soon.
Havoc’s future Goals – He is happy with just his buddy Riot or everyone except Senna. He Loves his people so change really isn’t a needed rush! We hope to get him to the vet soon for blood work to check on his liver function.