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Who We Are

 Fox Tales Florida is a nonprofit,  FWC & USDA licensed captive bred fox rescue and sanctuary dedicated to helping owners safely surrender their captive-bred pet foxes and, when the need arises, we also take in fur farm foxes in need of immediate help.
A sanctuary where the enclosures spacious & comfortable, full of enrichment and beneficial to the well being of the fox. Our enclosures are spacious.


The Fox Tales Florida Story

Fox Tales Florida was created after many long hours of research, hands-on volunteering and hours of making sure that we could provide the absolute best of care for the captive bred foxes that are trusted to our care. 
Robyn has been around animals most of her life and has a true love for foxes. She brings her quiet, contemplative demeanor as well as her herbalist background to help in all situations that require a more natural approach.
From sitting quietly in their  enclosures or monitoring them as they spend time in our 2000 sf run-yard which allows them the freedom to run, explore the Fox Tower, eat natural grass and weeds and dig in the deep dig area, Robyn & her husband Jeff believe it is all about the foxes.
Jeff, also a great lover of animals, is an award winning Architect and Designer and is the creator of all of our enclosures and our Fox Run Yard.
Jeff designed our state of the art enclosures with high angled roofs to allow heat to rise escape from the top of the lofts.  All of the lofts are fitted with therapeutic cooling beds so the foxes are able to get up high and catch the cool Florida breezes while relaxing in comfort.  The attention to detail that Jeff brings to this project reflects in happy, healthy enriched foxes!

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