Fox Rescue Services


Our Enclosures

Each enclosure is 10 x 10 x 12 foot high with an angled roof to allow heat to go up and out on hot days. Floors are made of concrete raised pavers to allow for deep cleaning and deodorizing. All enclosures have ramps, platforms and 2 lofts with therapeutic cooling beds. There are dig pits, and lounge beds and a dog house in each enclosure.

Enclosures are cleaned daily with a straightening throughout the day. 1 time per week the enclosures are scrubbed out with Angry Orange cleaner and water. Water and dry food are replaced every other day unless needed sooner.

Enclosures are built to order at intake. We have 1 enclosure for new intakes that need immediate placement until their enclosure can be completed which takes about 2-3 weekends to build.

enclosure for foxes


Our Food Services

It is imperative all of our foxes eat a variety of different raw, bone in meats including duck, dark meat chicken, chicken breast chunks, rabbit,  as well as ground poultry including bone and organs. Chicken Hearts, gizzards, livers and necks are also offered. 
Fresh fruits and veggies are included with each meal and are top dressed with glucosamine ,salmon oil and a special herbal mixture for healthy eye, immune, digestive and nervous system health. 1 large meal is given each day at 8:30 pm with a lighter meal in the am of  raw chicken breast chunks. 
An average meal consists of seasonal melon such as cantaloupe, watermelon and honeydew, butternut squash, blueberries and strawberries topped with 1 large chunk of  bone in Rabbit, 1large chunk bone in duck and 1 large chunk of bone in chicken, 1 tablespoon of raw whole ground poultry(chicken & Turkey) and topped with 2-3 chicken hearts as well as salmon and glucosamine oils and topped with an herbal mixture for nervous system, immune and digestive health.
All enclosures have free fed Blue Wilderness Grain Free Duck Recipe dog food and fresh spring water from our deep well.


Play Time!

Each fox enjoys time daily in our secure, camera monitored 2000sf Fox Run yard that is connected to each enclosure.

The floor in covered in 12 gauge wire with a layer of soil, grass and medicinal herbs. There is a 6 x 8 x 3ft deep, wire lined dig pit for digging and building tunnels, an igloo, 2 – 20 foot tunnels, hoop jumps, a trampoline and various toys. In the center of the yard is a large Fox Watch Tower with ramps and different levels as well as beds and sleeping mats. The dig pit is filled in periodically as needed. 
All of our foxes enjoy time out with only friends we have screened for them specifically. We have a few foxes that tend to get along with everyone but it is important to make sure everyone in comfortable.



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