Meet Eevee

Eevee came to us as an owner surrender in October 2020. Her previous owners love her very much but knew that she needed to live the life of a fox therefore made the hard decision of surrendering her to Fox Tales Florida. Eevee’s first months here were hard on her. We believe she missed her humans and her previous home. We knew she would have and adjustment so we just bided our time and it worked! Eevee now is quite social and has lost much of her apprehension of the other foxes here. She is learning the balance of being a fox and enjoying people. We are so happy that Eevee’s previous owner will, on occasion come to visit her and is happy with the progress she has made with us.

She was our 4th fox and our first owner surrender.


Eevee has a Primary Sponsor

  • Age at Intake – 6
  • Sex – Female / spayed
  • Color – Silver
  • Weight – 22 lbs (at last check)


Eevee has only one eye. She lost her eye in an accident when she was a baby in a dog attack




Favorite Toy – Small. mouth size stuffed toys with squeaks. Most favorite is the small panda with the yellow shirt

Favorite snack – Duck Jerky wrapped sweet Potato (available on our Amazon wishlist)

Favorite special snack – coffee & crunchy peanut butter. Anything sweet.

Favorite raw –  chicken hearts

Eelvee’s Roommate – Franny

Eevee gets along with – Franny, Winter, Senna, Hansel & Gretel, Riot & Havoc.



Eevee is such a wonderful girl. When she first came to us she was very nippy and, at times would bite hard when worried or uncertain. It took her about 3-4 months to fully adjust to Jeff and I and Winter, Franny and Senna. She totally ignored the other foxes but was thrilled to see Gracie, our Border Collie. Over time, Eevee enjoys her time running in the run yard, sleeping on the floor or on her cot in her enclosure. She is very vocal and expressive! She will let you know if she is unhappy with something that’s going on! Whether another fox is close by or her sleep was interrupted. She loves to be petted and enjoys treats as she sits on her throne. Recently, she has begun wagging her tail a lot more and loves the Fox Daddy best! She runs from wherever she is to her throne for her snack from her favorite human.

She loves her dog, Gracie and enjoys playing with her when she is in the run yard.

Eevee’s Future Goals – We are hoping to take Eevee for walks around the property on a leash with Gracie the dog. We finally got a collar on her! Eevee will live out her life with us till the end!