Meet Turner

Turner is a Red Fox species with the red color. He was surrendered to us from a lovely family who found him a bit overwhelming. We get it! He is a bundle of energy. Turner is 6 months old and spends his days watching the other foxes play in the play yard until it is his turn.

Turner is a sweet soul that is learning about the fox world. Though he was raised around dogs from a very young age he is still learning foxes as he has never experienced them before. He enjoys playing with toys and loves his raw meat and veggies! He cleans his bowl each night.

Due to a freak unfortunate accident, Turner broke his leg in 3 places, causing him to have an emergency amputation. He is getting on fine with life as a tripod, and has physically healed completely after his surgery.  He now shares an enclosure with Winston, and they get along great. 


Turner has a primary sponsor.

  • Age at Intake -6 months
  • Sex – Male / neutered
  • Color – red


Bushy tail and beautiful red fur.



Ann Kelly

Supporting Sponsor: Isabella Court