Meet Franny

Franny came to us after being surrendered to SaveaFox in 2019 as a 6 month old. She was bonded with Winter Fox so they came together to Fox Tales Florida as a package deal!

From day one Franny was a sweet little fox. She would stay just out of reach until she began to trust then she was happy to take pets. We kept in touch with SAF to determine her favorite foods.

Franny has a Primary Sponsor.


  • Age at Intake – 2
  • Sex – Female / spayed
  • Color – Red
  • Weight – 12 lbs (at last check)


Franny is a beautiful red fox.




Favorite Toy -Everyone knows Franny’s favorite toy are SHARLOVY squeaky balls in small (Available from our Amazon Wishlist) These are the definite favorite for her!

Favorite snack ( trick Question) -Duck Jerky is her fave if she was going to actually EAT it but, raw eggs hands down if not to eat but to bury but that wouldn’t be a snack!!

Favorite special snack -peanut butter or anything I am eating i.e. people food.

Favorite raw – chicken breast chunks

Franny’s Roommate – Eevee but she is very versatile and sometimes chooses to sleep with Senna and Winter.( She is the only one who gets to chose!)

Franny gets along with – Eevee, Winter, Senna, Hansel & Gretel, Riot and Havoc but is head over heels with Riot!

Franny enjoys run . Yard time best with – anyone



Sweet and even tempered, Franny gets along with every fox she meets. She is a bit cautious of men but usually warms up. She is not a fan of Fox Daddy(Jeff) and we think it is because she was frightened by him while he was working in the fox yard. With the other foxes she is quite sweet and docile. She likes boys better than girls but gets along with both. As far as people go, once Franny warms up to you she will allow petting and will allow you to scratch her all over but don’t touch that tail! This is when Franny can turn into a “crab fox” snapping but not biting down on you. She is quite expressive when she is unhappy and usually will give a warning. She never keeps an attitude long and will allow me to pet her in just a few minutes. She is always easy to get to go in at night though she whines the whole way to her enclosure to show her dismay.

Franny is CRAZY for raw eggs and will take and hide as many as you give her on most occasions. We try to oblige with fresh raw eggs from our chickens here each day. She will wait for my “Hey Fox!” whisper than run to the closest fence and wait for me to give her one. She is a bit greedy and will try unsuccessfully to take 2 at a time but the risk of breaking one is too great and she will run off with her prize and hide it. If she breaks it she will not eat it or bury it and expects another. I give in every time, cause, really, how could I not.

Franny’s Future Goals – We would love Franny to be able to go out for a walk on a leash.


Primary Sponsor – Rooks Advertising Agency

Dave and the Staff at Rooks Agency, Thank you for the support you have given us with sponsoring Franny!”

Robyn Jeff & Franny Fox
Fox Tales Florida Sanctuary & Rescue

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