Meet Gretel

Gretel came to us in November of 2020 right from the fur farm with Hansel. When she got here we put her into a 10 x 10 enclosure with cooling therapeutic beds, a dog house, cots and tons of different toys and treats, all the luxuries of freedom that she never experienced though she was terrified! She immediately ran from us and hid where she could. Her eyes were wide and distrustful. We couldn’t even get her to take treats for the first 2 weeks. Slowly but surely we wore down her fear. We spent many hours just hanging in the enclosure with her gaining her trust. We were overjoyed when she finally took treats from us.
Several weeks after we got her we took her to the vet for spaying, blood work, microchipping and a health check. All came back fine. She had a hard time adjusting , as many fur farm foxes do, to good “real” food. She had loose stools and we knew she needed probiotics and other herbals to get her digestive system right. I knew that once she was allowed to be in the run yard she would enjoy grass which is a wonderful digestive for animals. We added Slippery Elm Bark powder to her food as well as nettle to help with her nutrient intake as well as her digestive tract. This all helped immensely! Her little body is now running smoothly.


Gretel has a Primary Sponsor

  • Age at Intake – unknown but we think around 1- 1 1/2(fur farms don’t keep good records)
  • Sex – female / spayed
  • Color – fire factor cross fox
  • Weight – 8 lbs (at last check)


Long, thin and lanky this girl will hopefully grow into that body




Favorite Toy – Small mouth sized stuffed toys or whatever Hansel has

Favorite snack – Duck Jerky (available on our Amazon Wishlist)

Favorite special snack – Raw Eggs

Favorite raw – chicken breast chunks or hearts

Gretel’s Roommate – Hansel

Gretel gets along with – Franny, Sometimes Winter, Eevee & Hansell, She terrifies Riot (has not been introduced formally to Havoc)

Gretel likes Run Yard Time With – Franny, Eevee, Hansel, Winter and Havoc.



Gretel is sweet, fun loving and lives life to the fullest. She enjoys running and chasing Hansel and sometimes it is like her feet don’t touch the ground. She runs like the wind slowing only to let Hansel catch up. She loves to run the tunnels and jump through the hoops. She is a big fan of the dig pit and will dig for quite a long time then enjoy laying in the tunnel she created. Since she is so little she can fit into them quite easily leaving the other foxes to have to widen them to fit! Gretel has come a long way from her first days here and is so much less nippy. she will now enjoy an egg if you crack it and she will eat it out of the shell while you hold it. I think she enjoys these bonding times!

She will readily go into her enclosure before her run yard time is up to lay in her loft and look down half hanging off like a gargoyle! She adores her Hansel and oftentimes found stretched out under the cot of in his loft snuggled up. These guys are so bonded. it makes our hearts sing!

Gretel’s Future Goals – We sure would love to give her scratches and someday & I hope she allows it but until then we are just happy she is safe to live her life out with us at Fox Tales Florida!