Meet Hansel

Hansel came to us in November of 2020 right from the fur farm. When he got here we put him into a 10 x 10 enclosure with cooling therapeutic beds, a dog house, cots and tons of different toys and treats, all the luxuries of freedom that he never experienced!

Hansel’s enclosure looks out over the horse field and he was immediately transfixed by these large, strange animals, lying for hours on his cot watching them move about.

He was always very bold, coming up to us for food which he readily took from our hands. We were surprised by his boldness but boldness doesn’t always translate to friendliness! He moved about with confidence, always studying us intently. We spent hours each day sitting in the enclosure feeding treats and just hanging out to gain his trust.

We were concerned with his forefeet as the tendons seemed to be so stretched out that it looked unnatural. We took him to the vet for neutering and have the paws looked at. The vet said exercise and the ability to move around would help as this probably came from years of being in a small wire cage fearfully leaning away from people.

After several weeks we installed the lofts on a slight incline hoping he would be able to climb them without trouble, and he sure did! We waited a few more weeks before letting him in the run yard but the day we did he was able to walk on dirt for the first time and experience running! He has come such a long way and we are so proud of him!


Hansel has a Primary Sponsor

  • Age at Intake  – 5-6 (fur farms don’t keep good records)
  • Sex – Male / neutered
  • Color – Moonglow cross fox
  • Weight – 12 lbs (at last check)


Due to genetic issues his flattened features make him appear wolf like in the face




Favorite Toy – Chiwawa squeaky 9″ latex standing stick animals. (available on his Amazon Wishlist) He destroys one every couple days but delights in hiding them in his loft! It is not unusual to hear him squeaking away as we are sitting on the back porch.

Favorite snack – Duck Jerky (available on our Amazon Wishlist)

Favorite special snack – Raw Eggs

Favorite raw – chicken breast chunks

Hansel’s Roommate – Gretel

Hansel gets along with – Franny, Winter, Eevee & Gretel, Riot (not introduced formally to Havoc)

Hansel like Run Yard Time With –
Franny, Eevee, Gretel, Winter & Havoc.



Hansel is sweet, fun loving and lives life to the fullest. He enjoys running and chasing Gretel. Hs little feet have improved quite a bit with the exercise and he seems to love going as fast as he can. He can still be nippy but we are still working on that with him. He still does not feel comfortable being petted or touched for that matter and that’s okay with us. Most of his life was lived in trauma so we have no interest in making him fearful. We have been working with him daily & He seems to be coming along great with his nippiness. He is forever sneaking up on Gretel and pouncing. He enjoys digging in the dig pit and making cool tunnels which he likes to lay in. Hansel also likes when I open his enclosure door into the aisle way and allow Franny to come into his enclosure for a play date! He gets downright giddy, jumping and running and wagging his tail so much it wags his whole body! He is happy to take squeaky balls that she offers him and runs up and down the aisleway with Gretel and Franny and just gets so happy. Now that Winter has learned to jump into the aisle by jumping the gate, She enjoys getting in on the fun. Its Heartwarming!
Hansel’s Future Goals – We would love it if Hansel was a little less nippy at times but if that is how he is so be it. We sure would love to give him scratches and someday I hope he allows it.