Meet Johnny

Johnny has been signed off on by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to live his life with us at Fox Tales Florida. He is now an Ambassador fox, designated by Florida Fish and Wildlife as what not to do when you find a baby animal. He was deemed unreleasable due to his contact with humans at a young age. It is required that we tell his story to visitors who come here so that we educate the public on what to do when you find a wild baby animal. 


  • Age at intake – 3 months
  • Sex – unaltered male Pending neuter
  • Color – Red
  • Weight – 4 lbs (at last check)


Johnny is a beautiful red fox.




Favorite Toy -anything that fits in his mouth. Toy or not, it is Johnny’s

Favorite snack anything that I am eating. People food is best

Favorite special snack -dried cranberries or cherries

Favorite raw – chicken thigh boneless chunks

Johnny’s Roommate – Being that Johnny is a House Fox I guess that would be Winston who is also a house fox

Johnny gets along with – Winston, Franny, Winter & Eevee

Johnny enjoys run yard time best with  Winter, Franny & Eevee but only in the morning when he gets to go outside.



Johnny is our special boy! We were contacted by a wildlife rehabber who had this very tame wild fox and they were pretty sure he was either taken from the wild and raised as a pet or was captive bred and was no longer wanted. He ended up with a wildlife rehabber when the people dropped him off saying they found a wild fox kit. Unfortunately, He was put into the precarious position of neither being captive bred or wild and therefore his life was in Jeopardy. It is illegal to take a wild fox out of the wild and make it a pet as it is also illegal to release a captive bred fox into the wild. So we worked together with the wildlife rehabber and took him to 2 different vets who wrote letters that he is no longer releasable. Johnny is now a Florida Fish and Wildlife He is now an Ambassador fox. Johnny’s story helps educate the public on what to do when finding a wild baby animal.
Johnny spends his days playing with Winston or sleeping on the bed or in his favorite chair. He zooms around the house barely touching the ground. Many times we find all his favorite toys hidden under the pillows of the couch or the pillows on the bed. He is surely a special fox.