Meet Riot

Much of what we know of Riot’s background before his last owner surrendered him to us is unknown. It is thought that he was being kept in an illegal state and when the USDA went out confiscate him the original owners said he had run away. He was later found at a farm that the USDA went to on an unrelated confiscation of abused animals and found poor Riot in a cage on the back of the property. This is when Havoc’s owner got custody of him. She took him because she knew he would be destroyed. She traveled across State lines to bring him to her home. It is believed that riot spent about 6 months on the run in Colorado where it is illegal to keep Red Foxes. He somehow was able to care for himself for those months in the wild probably by any means necessary to stay alive! We believe, at times that that is why he has a slight food aggression.


Riot has a primary sponsor

  • AgAge at Intake – unknown
  • Sex – Male / neutered
  • Color – calico
  • Weight – 12 lbs


Unusual multi colored markings




Favorite Toy – Riot is not a toy guy. He likes personal attention from his people

Favorite snack – Riot is very food motivated! Eggs being a big favorite as well as watermelon!

Favorite special snack – crunchy Peanut butter

Favorite raw – bone in chicken

Riot’s Roommate – Havoc. They are bonded

Riot gets along with – Havoc, Franny and Eevee though he was introduced to Hansel and Gretel. Hansel paid him no mind which he liked but Gretel chased him and he screamed all the way to his enclosure. Poor guy. He has not as of this time been introduced to anyone else.

Riot enjoys run yard time with – Havoc and Franny. He does awesome with people and flops down next to Robyn for petting. He interacts well with Eevee as she is non threatening



Riot is a sweet old soul. We don’t know much about his background but know he must have had a good upbringing as he has never offered to bite or be aggressive in any way.

It seems to be he is overexcited about food rather than aggressive as He will jump to grab food out of your hand if he can. Though he doesn’t bite or make any threatening moves ever. He has since calmed a bit but is very excited to get his treats and dinner at night! He is an awesome eater and eats everything in his bowl as well as enjoys his fruits and veggies.

He is sweet and carefree in the run yard entertaining himself by running then flopping down. He loves to be scratched by his people and has been walked on a leash but prefers the safety of what he already knows. Riot could be described as shy with other foxes that are over exuberant.  He gets along with dogs that aren’t overly interested. We couldn’t be more pleased with Riot as he is such a sweet loving boy.