Meet Winston


  • Age at intake – 6 weeks
  • Sex -neutered male 
  • Color – sapphire
  • Weight –  9 pounds


Winston is a sapphire fox with a white chest and white on his left back paw. 




Favorite Toy -anything that fits in his mouth but if it squeaks, that’s best

Favorite snack: anything that I am eating. People food is best

Favorite special snack – Sweet potato wrapped with duck jerky treats

Favorite raw – ground rabbit

Winston’s Roommate – Winston shares an enclosure with Turner

Winston gets along with Turner



Winston was surrendered to us when his owner developed a severe allergy just after getting him. She decided that at such a young age he should be given up to us because at his young age, this is when he would begin to bond with humans. Winston is sweet and cuddly but can also be a biting machine. When this happens, we redirect his bites with a toy so it teaches him that biting hands is not a option. He loves the dog and squeals with delight just at the sight of her!

At this young age, we make sure he gets a specific diet that includes well ground rabbit & turkey as well as soft fruits and veggies, soft organ meat, chicken thigh chunks cut small and deboned as well as salmon oil and probiotics. He gets 3-4 small meals a day and plenty of water. He is being a good boy and using his litter box 95% of the time. We are enjoying this little boy immensely.

Fast forward to current day and Winnie is all but grown up. Winston now enjoys the outdoor life digging holes, burying treats and having zoomies with Turner. He loves cool weather and can often be found running at high speeds or curled up in a patch of sun. 


Winston’s Primary Sponsor is Danielle George