Meet Winter

Winter came to us from SaveAFox in July of 2020 bonded to Francesca (Franny). Previous to that she was rescued from the fur farm because of her poor fur quality and her petite size. She was raised by Mikayla at SAF until she came to Fox Tales Florida. Her first days here were spent running and digging in the fox yard. We didn’t think she would ever dig like she did and soon we realized we had to put wire over the whole fox yard floor!

Winter has a Primary Sponsor


  • Age at Intake  – 1 year
  • Sex – Female / spayed
  • Color – Platinum
  • Weight – 8 Pounds


Winter is a very petite girl and incredibly talkative! She is White with gray and touches of tan on her ears.




Favorite Toy – Small. mouth size stuffed toys with squeaks. REally anything small and stuffed! She loves toys that make noise and likes cat toys that make animal sounds

Favorite snack – Duck Jerky and eggs if you crack them and hold them while she eats them, licking out the contents with her little pink tongue.

Favorite special snack – crunchy peanut butter

Favorite raw – chicken breast chunks at room temperature as she wont eat anything too cold

Winter’s Roommate – Senna

She Gets along with – Franny, Senna, Hansel, Eevee, Gretel & Havoc. She is just too overwhelming for Riot and Riot does not choose to be out with her.



If I had to pick one word to describe Winter, it would be Emotional. This girl has something to say about everything! From screaming excitedly as she takes off out of her enclosure in the morning to run, to chattering non-stop with Eevee or the whining disapproval when I ask her to go in her enclosure when its time, she’s telling me how she feels. She will even scream at me if I ask her to move out of someone else’s enclosure to her own. She also will try anything once scaring us with her daredevil feats from climbing fences to jumping up into the rafters of her enclosure, she keeps us on our toes.

Winter is quite bonded to both Senna and Franny both. When she met Senna though, they got off to a bad start. Senna was very excited and much bigger then Winter and this frightened her. Once the 2 of them learned each others boundaries, the game was on! They are now inseparable. Though she hangs with Franny and Hansel, Senna is her true love.

Winter mostly tries to make friends with everyone. She finally got Eevee to give in and be friends though they argue sometimes as all friends do. Friendship is mostly on her terms as she can be bossy. I really believe she tries with everyone but play and interaction must be on her terms!

She loves dogs and is quite happy when Gracie the border collie comes into the run yard to search out hidden treats. Winter loves to bite her ankles to Gracie’s dismay.

Winter’s Future Goals -At this time we cannot pet or handle Winter. On occasion, she will accept a pet on the chin or toes but that is it. She has no fear of us and will jump up on us and come to us readily. Our intention is not to force any of the foxes to be handled or petted until they are comfortable with it so it is on her terms. Someday we hope she will be interested in some scritches but until then we are happy with her just the way she is!