Meet Ceasar

If there’s a snack around, you will find Ceasar! He is the most friendly and interactive of all the snow glows. You can tell Ceasar by the small darker face mask that he has. His coloring is slightly darker than his mates. He is always the one that is hanging out and watching me clean while laying on his bed in the loft. He is just so inquisitive. He thinks he is constantly hungry. He is enjoying all the amazing things that freedom has to offer him and takes full advantage of digging, exploring and most of all eating! He dives into his meals with gusto! 

We believe Ceasar may be the oldest fox in the family group. 

We look forward to learning more about this sweet man as he spends his life in freedom and comfort.

  • Age at Intake¬†– ¬†unknown
  • Sex – Male
  • Color -Snow Glow
  • Weight is unknown

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Ceasar’s Photo Gallery